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You'll follow Raen's adventures as he's thrown out in to a world he's never known before. You'll meet a host of interesting characters, including three romanceable guys who will join Raen along the way.

The Divine Speaker is currently in production, with a projected release date of 2021.

You can download the NEW demo below, which includes:

  • Approx. 69,000 words
  • Loads of brand new CGs and BGs
  • New characters
  • Over 4200 voice files
  • ...And more!


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Click download now to get access to the following files:

The Divine Speaker Extended Demo - Mac 1 GB
Version 3
The Divine Speaker Extended Demo - PC 1 GB
Version 5
The Divine Speaker Demo - Android 283 MB

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When is the finished game gonna come out? 


I'm so excited for this game!!! Can't wait to find out when it will come out! Leos has my heart. <3


Just found this the other day, wish I had sooner! I can't wait to play the finished game!
You've been so generous with the length of the demo <3


I'm replaying this after a little while, this time with the voice acting enabled and, so far, (gotten back to meeting Fawn) the voices are exactly how they sounded in my head. Not to mention the fact that the story (or what I remember of it) is absolutely stellar. When the full game is released, I'd definitely be willing to pay for it. I'm hoping to see even more from you in the future, 'cause you definitely seem like someone who puts passion in their work.


They got my boy Jonah Scott in this??? I'm there. 


i dont know how to express my thoughts and feelings but... i installed this game without any expectation, just a result of my boredom, so i would just give two hours or something to it but omg it turned out to be sooo good. i really love this game and after getting the first ending i started all over again and tried to get the all the endings and routes. i think ive spent around 11 hours overall and i would go for even more if i hadnt finished all the possible routes. im looking forward to playing the full version, youve really done a good job on this game, i appreciate everyones hardwork in this project. the story, the artwork, the backgrounds, the music, the characters... all of them were a chefs kiss. i usually dont comment on stuff but i had to do this time for such an amazing game. again, good job. <3 


I'm so engrossed by the story, the artwork is magnificent and the music is sublime, fantastic work and I've only just got to the  point of meeting Cyne. 5 stars for the experience so far, wish I could give it 6.

I'm waiting for full release right now... I love Raen's personality and also I ship him with Fawn  while Cyne's truly a pervert but I love the VA of him because its from camp buddy <3

Hello, the French demo has a huge bug that prevents me from playing the full demo, will this be fixed or would you prefer to focus on the final game?

Hey there! As stated previously, the translations don't go further than the original demo. Any translations will not be worked on until at least the full English game is released. Thank you!


This is truly beautiful, I'm mesmerised by every CG.

😤 cant the dude with the bird be a LI too?

Will Androids get an extended demo. The first Demo was so Beautifully designed and the music was so nice❤️

Thanks to the creator of the Game 


Two whole boys with crop tops? 10/10, game of the year, must buy

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It was really nice and interesting. Looking forward for the full game :)


The demo was just incredible i loved it, im looking forward to the release whenever it shall be it will be worth the wait. keep up the good work guys and stay safe :) x


I can translate your game into Spanish, if you wish.

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OMG what can I say I listened to the Theme music before I started the demo & loved it. I not usually a music person; however; I now really want to buy the soundtrack if you will be offering one. I finished the extended demo & it has to be the absolute best BL VN I've ever played: the plot is top notch, the artwork was so beautiful (I plan on making a lot of wallpapers), & the composer, Efe Tozan, is very talented. I can't wait for the finished game. I want to know what the final price is or does it stay "name your own price" since I also saw it on Steam? I'd be willing to pay at least $20.00 for the wonderful experience of playing the whole game. 

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I just finished playing and honestly... I am at loss for words. Do you know that feeling after watching a really good anime, and found out that there is no other season? yes, that's what I felt.

This is the first BxB I've ever played on PC. You know, just earlier this morning I was bored so I searched "A GAME SITE WITH YAOI GAMES" (IM NOT KIDDING) and itch.io was the first one on the list, then I was captivated by the thumbnail and after reading the description it looks very interesting so I downloaded it.

Honestly, I only came for the SCENES but guess what, I stayed because of the visuals, art, soundtracks, and especially the story.

This game is promising. I hope ill be able to buy the full game soon. Kudos to Two and a Half Studios!

Me rn wishing that i can time travel in the future where the full version is already released:


I'm beyond excited for the full game to come out! The demo is already so lovely.

The music, the story and the art! WOW


When will the full game be out


I think they said around April this year


Well that was quite a run...

It was my first B&B game and I think it is very good for the first time...

It felt amazing, the story is attractive and smooth, characters are well thought and feels alive..

My personal favorite -I can assume it is the 60% of people are on the same side with me- is Fawn.

If I didn't missed it game had some +16 scene's but not 18+ unless they add it in the future...

I hope full game releases fast tho.

The game is one of the best renpy games out there, I highly recommend it.

95/100 would play it again.

uh and I might fell in love with Fawn


I finally finished the demo version and WOW. I've only found out about the game by accident and I'm absolutely thrilled by 1. the story-telling. The story is perfectly built up! The moment Raen sends the kids off to play I was already being dragged into the story, purely by the writing! As I ventured further into the magnificent world you guys created, I completely fell in love with the music as well! It's unbelievable that you managed to make these fully orchestrated pieces and I'm absolutely charmed by how well a full orchestra and rock harmonize together!! Onto no. 3 then! The characters are so unbelievably unique! They all have they own perks and I absolutely love it! Not only the main characters, but also the side smaller ones have really thought-out little quirks that makes each o them stand out from the others!

I truly can't wait for the full game to come out. The full game will truly be well worth the wait!!

I'm so sorry for saying this but Leos reminds me of a male version of Katarina from League of Legends and that's all I've ever wanted I'm so happy

Wow! This VN is exceptional on every level: story-telling, character developement and world building, art, voice acting. Cant remember ever coming across something like this. I love all the characters, the humor, the storyline... Fantastic job! Im looking forward to its full release sooo much!

Thanks for giving us such an extensive demo btw!

Did the game get released yet?


From what I played so far, I'm loving this game! This one really has me hooked. I plan on playing the rest of it in the am, great job on this Two and a Half Studios!!!!

J'adore vraiment votre jeux ! Je suis une grande fan ! Mais j'aimerait bien savoir combien le jeu coûtera quand il sortira ! Merci d'avance de votre réponse !

Hello! Thank you for your message! The finished game will be about $29.99, with a launch discount. 


I'd like to start off by saying I would protect Fawn to the ends of the Earth :)))
This demo was so amazing - the voice acting was so fun, especially Leos'. I couldn't help laughing out loud at his snarky lines at 2 in the morning. The backgrounds are so beautiful; they really show how diverse the world is outside of Aurelia Cavella, and I'm as thrilled as Raen is to explore it...and I'm thrilled to explore the beautiful people, too ;)

You gave me a fantastic roller coaster of emotions, and I can't wait for when you release the full game!!!


I think i'm in love with Leos' voice actor. It is so good! It's a really well made game. I'm looking forward to full release.


When will the full game come out?

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J'adore vraiment ce que vous faites, vos démo sont incroyable, elle sont longue ce qui permet de beaucoup s'attacher au jeux et l'histoire et les personnages son wahou! Rien a dire beau boulot. 

Par contre pour la démo en français j'ai eu un petit problème au moment ou ont entre dans le manoir de Nox et qu'ont décide de l'aider, les textes et les voix sont décalés et après le reste du jeux est en anglais. C'est dommage surtout que je suis très nul en anglais. Peut être se sera corrigé ?


oh good im sooooooooooooooo looking forward to this  


ahh obnoxious redheads they are my weakness, I like that these characters have layers to them it makes you interested in what's at the center what makes them tick I can't wait to get the full game when it comes out this is definitely on my watch list.

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So far the demo hinted a full game with good graphics and soundtrack, intriguing plot, character depth and juicy scenes.

Is this perfection?

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Aaaah! I just finished playing the extended demo and I felt CHILLS while playing it! I SERIOUSLY can't wait for the full game to come out!!


I enjoyed the demo very much.
I was in a really bad mood when I started playing and this helped a lot. I laughed so hard. My neighbor must think I went insane lol
Looking forward to the full release!


is this out yet?

I really loved the extended demo. The first one looked already very professional and promising, but it was too short to get a full impression of the characters and the world. Now we learn a lot more about everyone and everything. I was particularly impressed by how complex the characters are. Even the side characters have their very own personality and motives. I'm so fascinated that I want to share some thoughts about it.

---The following part contains SPOILERS(!!!) and speculations---

From all the characters I've seen so far, Fawn turned out to be my favorite. I'm surprised how complex and deep he is. If you first see him, he seems rather shy and unsure and he has obvious difficulties with speaking. But if you get to know him better you start to recognize how brave and good with words he actually is and how far he would go to save the one he loves. It's no wonder he and Raen get along so well from the start. They're like soul twins. The connection between them is very deep and there's a natural bond they share with each other.  I found it interesting how Fawn even felt wrath towards an enemy who threatened Raen in the forest at some point. This was another unexpected but very interesting side of him. He doesn't seem to enjoy violence naturally like Leos does, but he's so protective towards Raen, that he doesn't hesitate a second to stand by his side. And if someone threatens him, he instinctively feels wrath and rage. His love is so pure and strong. I even guess it was love at first sight. And I'm sure he knows very well that he loves Raen. He just doesn't want to say it out loud, because he's insecure and Raen doesn't seem to understand what love is. Fawn and Raen compliment each other very well. Raen shows Fawn what kind of strong person he really is and how confident he can be about himself, and Fawn shows Raen how deep love and friendhip can go and what hidden meanings the world has to offer - that there's more on this planet than what the eyes see.

Leos is my second favorite. He can be a bit snarky and annoying somtimes, but beneath his unapproachable facade it's obvious how insecure he really is and how much he needs someone to love. It's kinda fascinating if you think about it further. No matter how different they are (or maybe because they ARE so different), he and Raen depend on each other very much. Leos is a capable mercenary and good at protecting Raen. He also teaches him to be more careful towards others and to not believe everything they say. Raen, on the other hand, is very caring and always nice in front of other people. That's why he's usually easily loved by them. Compared to him, Leos doesn't let anyone get near him. He's like the typical lone wolf - always catious and suspecting the worst in others. Only Raen seems to get through to him, because he's so stubborn and able to see something nice even in the most unfriendly people. He teaches Leos what it feels like to be loved, no matter what you've done and what you will do. It's just a guess of course, but I think Leos is so snarky and spiteful towards others, because he's actually spiteful of himself and he hates the things he's done. So he probably thinks he's unworthy to be loved.

The only one I didn't become comfortable with was Cyne, but it's probably because we only met him at the end of the demo and I still have to get to know him better. We only saw the flirty/casual side of him so far. I'm sure there's something deeper behind his facade. Maybe he's afraid of love? I guess it's diffcult for someone of his social standing to love someone without serious conesquences.  Maybe something tragic happened in his past, because of feelings he allowed himself to have. No matter what it is, I suppose he actually longs for someone who he can have a deeper connection with. Maybe that's the true reason why he joined Raen in the first place - even if he might not recognize it yet.

I'm also very interested in Illran and Veras. If I understand it correctly, Veras is the bird we've seen together with Illran, or rather he can turn into a bird. He has a mystical aura and I'm interested to find out the secrets he may hold. Illran seems rather protective of him. I had the feeling he feels more about him than just friendhsip, even if he didn't really mention it when Raen asked him about love. They seem to have a really special relationship that I'd like to uncover.

Lilas, Nikos, and the children are very likeable. Nox seemed kinda mysterious at first glance - desperate, but not really unfriendly. The atmosphere at the end of the game was so spooky, it sent chills down my spine (in a positive way, since I like horror elements in games). My guess at this point is that Nox is actually the monster who kills other people, but he doesn't do it wilfully. There's probably something more going on than meets the eye.

Apropos, I wonder how the Speaker turns out to be. So far we just know that he's not the kind of person he seems to be at the beginning. His motives are kinda dark, but I guess he has a good reason for the lies he created and for all the (gruesome) things he probably did. I'm really looking forward to the extra game with him. Is he responsible for the discarded bodies who lie in the forest and whose souls don't find peace? Although we don't know much about the story yet, elements of it remind me of the movies 'The Island' and 'The Village'. I'm very eager to find out the truth behind all of this. The story seems really interesting so far and I can't wait to unravel the mystery. Also, I'm really interested to find out why the love interests have the feeling to know Raen for so long even if they just have met. Maybe there's a hidden meaning behind it.

BTW, I love the diary you created. It adds more depth to the lore and makes it easier to remember things. That was a really good idea.
What else can I say? I love the artistic aspect of the game. The backgrounds, the sprites, the CG's, the music, the voices, the singers, the writing. Everything's just brilliant and adds lots of beauty and atmosphere to the world. "Fates Journey" is a very sweet song and brings this special Middle Age/tavern feeling with it. "The Forgotten" sounds very mysterious. I love the clear and soft voice in it. I whish more VNs had singing voices. It adds so much atmosphere to the game.

There's only one part in the game that maybe should be done differently. I'm talking about about the tavern scene where Fawn sings. The melody of the voice doesn't really go hand in hand with the melody of the background music (probably because you can determine the pace of the scene by yourself). Maybe it would be better to have a fix pace during the song, so the voice doesn't seem out of rhythm? That's the only thing I've noticed, though.

Finally, I have some questions, if you don't mind:

1) How many words will the final game have?
2) How many words will the extra game with the Speaker have?
3) If I understand it correctly, Aurelia Cavella is hidden by the outside world and can't be entered. How was Leos supposed to come back after killing Raen, then? Or is it different for him, because he's Aurelian himself?
4) I don't know how to activate the song "Spring Bloom" in the music box. What do I wrong? I have watched all scenes and yet, I can't find the song. Or have I overlooked something?

That's everything I wanted to say. Sorry for writing so much, but I really wanted to share my thoughts about this gem. Many thanks for creating this wonderful game and for giving us such a long and well done Demo.

Kudos! : )


Hey there!

Thank you for your fantastic review - I enjoyed reading it! I'm loving all of your speculation and I'm looking forward to the full game coming out so you can see what's right and what's wrong.

To answer your questions:

1) The final game will be over 300,000 words with all routes.

2) The prequel with the Speaker doesn't have a specific length yet, but may be between 20-40,000 words. It will also be free.

3) The answer to this is a spoiler, I'm sorry! You'll find out in Leos' route :)

4) Spring Bloom isn't in the extended demo, so currently isn't accessible! You'll be able to access it in the beta (if you have access from Kickstarter or Patreon), or in the full game.

Again, thank you for your kind words! It means a lot to me that a story I care for greatly can reach other people how it reaches me.

Kind regards!


Thank you for answering! I'm really surprised. I thought the final game will have about 150k words, but 300k is even better! I love long and complex stories. Also, happy to hear that the Speaker side story will be free. I'm really looking forward to know more about him and the rest of the characters.

The game is simply wonderful. The characters, the story, the art, the music and the gameplay, I love every aspect of the game. I bought the extended version and I don't regret it, because every minute was fantastic and I hope you guys keep making such great games. I'm very excited to see what the whole game will look like and very grateful for creating it and bringing it to life. I can honestly only say that I fell totally and deeply in love with this game. Keep it up. <3

And I'm sorry if some parts are not understood, I'm using a translator to communicate more fluently with you, a greeting from Chile.

Hi Mary,

Thank you so much for your kind words! It means so much to me to hear that our game reaches you so deeply. I hope you'll continue to enjoy the game in the future!

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