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You'll follow Raen's adventures as he's thrown out in to a world he's never known before. You'll meet a host of interesting characters, including three romanceable guys who will join Raen along the way.

So, what really is "The Divine Speaker"? It's an 18+, fully uncensored Japanese style visual novel, with a heavy focus on character and story.

 While there is a multitude of NSFW sex scenes, we really wanted to show interesting, compelling characters and a rich, story driven world as well!

We are aiming for a  Q4 2020- Q1 2021 release date! We want plenty of time to create a game we can be proud to show you. If it's ready before then, that'll be a bonus! 

The demo is: ~10k words and shows the prologue and first two romanceable characters!



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The Divine Speaker Demo English - Mac 455 MB
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The Divine Speaker Demo Spanish - Mac 455 MB
The Divine Speaker Demo Spanish - PC 472 MB
The Divine Speaker Demo Japanese - Mac 455 MB
The Divine Speaker Demo Japanese - PC 472 MB
The Divine Speaker Demo German - Mac 456 MB
The Divine Speaker Demo German - PC 474 MB
The Divine Speaker Demo French - Mac 456 MB
The Divine Speaker Demo French - PC 474 MB

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ok just played the demo and the art is GORGEOUS! the music is pretty, was not expecting voice acting so am very pleasantly surprised, matron had a lovely voice, Leos has a super sexy voice loving him, fawn is a super cutie and soooo romancing him first we must protect the cutie!!! he is too precious for this word! T.T also was that friday the 13th sounding music in the woods intentional? lolol


Hi Sandpixie,

Thanks so much for playing the demo! I'm so glad you enjoyed it.

All of our voice actors are fantastic and I'm so glad we've got the chance to work with them.

And Fawn is adorable! I think you'll really enjoy his route if you want to protect him ;)

Also, the spooky music was pretty spooky, right? We've got even more tracks to add after the demo!

Thanks again,


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SPOILERS for the demo.

The demo was pretty great! The voice acting was a pleasant surprise for me and I really enjoy it and it makes me wonder if the entire game will be fully voice acted or maybe partially so. The art style was very nice and I really like the character designs. The backgrounds and character sprites fit well together in a way that the characters looked like they actually belonged there. The music was pleasant to listen to and didn't grate on my ears as I played through the game. Most music fit the scenes well enough and it never really felt outta place.

I love Fawn the most out of all of them so far. He's the cutest little hoarder I've ever seen and in his defense it doesn't look that bad in his treehouse. His voice is very sweet and soft and it fits him well.  It was very cute to see him act so shyly around Raen at first and it was pretty funny that he couldn't help, but stare down south when Raen tackled him down. He does show an endearing childish side when he warms up to him and knows he won't hurt him. The scene with them sitting under the stars was pretty cute and the fact that he barely noticed he was still holding Raen's hand tell me that he's either pretty attention starved or got so excited, he didn't notice.

We didn't get to really see much of Leos and Cyne though. Leos just kinda popped up to throw poor Raen into the situation he found himself in. I'll say this right now, I don't trust the speaker since it seemed like he or the lord set this up. Leos lying to Raen, Raen getting caught in the archives, and the fact that the lord popped in at just the right moment to save him from an execution. It definitely seems suspicious and I can't wait to see how the story unfolds.


Thank you so much for playing the demo! 

I'm glad you enjoyed this short little look into The Divine Speaker. This is only the start, and Leos comes back in permanently a short while after the demo ends. Cyne doesn't appear for quite a few hours! We also wish we could've shown them off more, but since the demo only covered the prologue and chapter 1 it wasn't really possible.

The rest of the game being fully voiced depends on our Kickstarter (Which launches tomorrow! In around 13 hours!). We really, really hope we can do this, because we believe that it really adds to the experience and we love our voice actors.

Who knows about Leos, the Speaker and the Lord, though! You'll have to play the full game to find out. Let me just say that even if something seems like chance, Raen will quickly find out that maybe things are more planned out than he first thought.

(P.s Fawn's my favourite too, don't tell the other dev)

Thanks for the review! 

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I figured the full voice acting would be under a stretch goal and I do hope it gets hit after it gets funded. I also do realize Leos came back at the end for the 'Thank you', I just forgot it in my very scattered review. If I can, I'll  donate to the Kickstarter.

Thank you so much! Just reading your review was fantastic.

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is the demo out anywhere? :3


Keep an eye out in the next 12 hours ;)


How come I've never come across this?!?! This looks absolutely amazing! It's so cute, has a great art and has a great plot.  Can't wait to see progress >.<

Thank you so much! We can't wait to bring the demo out! We're currently beta testing it for any issues and then we'll have a public release in the next few days. If you get the chance, feel free to join our Discord or follow us on Twitter, where we make the most posts.

Thank you for your support! <3 

oh this is SO CUTE!! really excited to see the progress! WANT


Thank you so much! Feel free to keep an eye on our twitter - we make a lot of announcements and update posts there! Plus, we're holding an art poll right now. :D 

I can't wait to play this game! The story is intriguing, the art looks amazing and the characters all looks interesting! The main character seems cute and kind and my favourite love interest has to be Leos! \o/ Good luck on your progress and we all can't wait to play it! <3

I'm looking forward to this game!

It looks interesting, especially Cyne! :D

I hope you update soon! Take your time, though!

Thank you so much for your support! We're so happy to hear that you're a fan of Cyne :) If you want to see updates, feel free to join our discord/follow us on Twitter! 

This looks amazing! Are you guys going to have a Kickstarter? I'd love to pledge and help!

Hi AnnaMarieJ3! 

Yes! We'll be having a kickstarter once the demo is complete, in the early new year. Thank you so much for your support! 

Now this looks interesting and gorgeous!

I'll follow the project! Good luck guys!

Thanks so much Konoi! We're waiting on a few more CGs and our demo will be complete! If you want to see updates, please check out our Twitter :) 

Great to have you! 

Would this be coming to Mac?


Hi WaverlyAlexa! Yes, The Divine Speaker will be available on Windows, Mac and Linux! 

Awesome! Looking forward to it! Good luck

**makes grabby hands** come here you yummy looking red haired man! Two of my weaknesses in one place! *Squeeee!* Literally yelled "I have a thing for redheads!" when I saw him. That applies to men and women.

Thanks so much for your comment! This one made us laugh :D