The Divine Speaker - Devlog 1

Hi everyone!

My name's Gabby, and I'm one of the lead developers of "The Divine Speaker".

We've had a lot of interest in the game from all over. We've been gradually posting news and details on our twitter and patreon, so please follow us on there for daily content.

I'm so happy that people are excited for the game! We hope to bring the demo out ASAP. We have a few things that we're still working on, though. Before, we had around 5 CGs to go to complete the demo. Now, we've hired voice actors, which is another level of things needed to be done before we launch. 

In exciting news, we've also hired an animator! That's right, the opening to The Divine Speaker will be animated! We can't wait to show you more. For those that don't know, our opening song was also sung by the fantastic Morgan Berry. I'm sure the animation and song will go together amazingly. Both the storyboard + song can be seen early on our patreon, so go check it out!

The plan is this:

  • Complete CGs + last additional sprites
  • Record and implement voice work
  • Complete the animation and implement
  • Release the demo! Yay!
  • Then finally, the kickstarter will go live.

I hope you all enjoy this amazing journey with us. 

As a parting question - which character draws you in the most? 

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I'm so freaking excited