Extended Demo and Kickstarter

Hi everyone! 

It's been a crazy couple of months.
We've ran out Kickstarter, and had amazing success. With the help of 476 people we not only get to make the base game, but we hit the goals for additional CGs, a prequel game AND full voice acting. 

Right now, we're working hard at creating an extended demo to show you all. We plan for it to be around 50,000 words, and introduce a host of side characters. You'll also get to meet Cyne, and see much more of Leos! 



I'd also like to talk about Patreon again! 

Right now, we're running a campagin. Anyone that signs up to the Raen tier and up will get a mini square print by the amazing Nao! You can check out the art below. These won't be for sale anywhere else, after this. You have until the 27th to sign up! 

We also just hit the goal for two exclusive art polls a month. The first poll is currently running (with the winner becoming a cute animal boy!) and we'd love for you to come vote, too.

For people on our highest tier, you'll get to request an art piece every single month! Your requests will be put in a poll, and the one with the highest amount of votes will be drawn by the wonderful Fuyuure. 

You can sign up here! 

We also post behind the scenes goodies, full CGs, 18+ CGs, sketches and more. Hitting our next goal on Patreon will allow us to add even more original music (some with lyrics!) into the game.

Thank you all for your support so far! You downloads and comments have really meant the world to us! 

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Awwe they're so cute ><